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Since 2002, Grizzly Pet Products has focused on the development and manufacture of all-natural pet products, including Omega-3 oils, food, and treats derived from Wild Alaskan Salmon and other wild-sourced fish. We take pride in continuously helping to improve your beloved companion animal’s quality and length of life. To that end, we are dedicated to developing innovative, natural and healthy products that benefit your horse, dog, or cat.

Our goal is to continue to identify and manufacture superior products with research documented health benefits, and to make these products available to every pet owner.

All of our fish-based products are sourced from state of the art processing plants located

in Alaska, with final processing and packaging done in Woodinville, Washington. No fish is

caught for the purpose of making oil—our Omega-3 oils are co-products from the

production of high quality seafood products for humans, thus enabling more of

the fish to be utilized in a better way... and to the benefit of our pets.


Wild-Alaskan products are brought to you exclusively by Grizzly Pet Products, LLC

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