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Wild Alaskan Omega-3 Oils

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Wild Alaskan offers two healthy Omega-3 oils for cats and dogs—both sourced from wild fish and manufactured right here in the United States:

  1. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

  2. Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil

Wild Alaskan Hip & Joint Pellets

By combining five powerful joint ingredients with wild Antarctic Krill oil to support digestive absorption, Wild Alaskan has created a unique solution to help maintain the health of your dog’s hips, joints, and more! Read more >

What makes oil from wild salmon or pollock better?

Two reasons: 1) The most biologically available form of Omega-3 fatty acids comes from cold water fish like salmon and pollock; and 2) wild fish contain the highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids because they’ve spent their entire lives foraging on a natural, nutrient-rich diet. Wild is the best choice!


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