Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil - natural source of Omega 3s


Wild-Alaskan Hip and Joint Pellets contain the top five joint support ingredients in a formula that can be more readily absorbed by your dog to maintain the health of hips, joints, cartilage, collagen, and other cell structures of the body that are responsible for movement:

•  Glucosamine: primary building block of tendons, ligaments, bones

    and skin; helps cartilage maintain natural “shock absorbing” fluid

•  Chondroitin: building block of strong cartilage

•  MSM: building block of healthy connective tissue and joint function

•  Hyaluronic Acid: helps lubricate and cushion; generates new cells

•  Turmeric: natural anti-inflammatory; powerful antioxidant

•  Wild Antarctic Krill Oil: supports digestive absorption; powerful antioxidant

                  Tested and Certified by NASC

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Five powerful ingredients + wild Antarctic krill oil for maximum absorption = unparalleled joint support

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