Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil - natural source of Omega 3s


Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil is quite simply a powerhouse of healthy benefits! It’s packed with all sorts of vital nutrients and antioxidants, can be immediately metabolized, supports your pet’s immune system, addresses inflammation throughout their body, helps maintain good skin and coat condition, and supports joints.

Quality Manufacturing Process

Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil is gently extracted in our state-of-the-art, human-grade fish processing plants in Alaska. All of our high quality salmon products are produced in a totally enclosed and continuous in-line process to ensure minimum exposure to air until the oil is pumped directly into your pet’s food bowl.

                  Tested and Certified by NASC

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If you buy only one supplement for your dog or cat,

make it Wild Alaskan salmon oil

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Wild Salmon Oil

Versus Flax Seed Oil

Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil provides 100% accessible EPA and DHA—which means they can be immediately assimilated by your dog or cat. Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in flax seed, must be converted by your pet’s body, resulting

in as little as 0 - 15%

assimilation. Dogs who

can’t metabolize flax seed

oil at all will keep itching

and scratching until they

get their EPA from a cold

water fish source

such as wild salmon.

(Coconut oil contains no

Omegas at all.)

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