Wild Alaskan Salmon for dogs and cats promotes healthy skin, immune system, joints, and appetite


It all comes down to health...

Healthy Balance: wild salmon oil offers excellent nutritional and health benefits, with the lowest calorie count per omega-3 intake/dosage!

Healthy Skin: the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in wild salmon oil helps address dry, itchy, flaky skin and while promoting a healthy, lustrous coat.

Healthy Immune System: wild salmon oil omega-3s provide the most potent “immunomodulatory” effects, which helps maintain a natural immune system balance for overall health.

Healthy Joints: the natural anti-inflammatory action of the omega-3 fatty acids specific to wild salmon oil helps counteract joint inflammation, stiffness, pain and swelling.

Healthy Appetite: as pets age, they sometimes lose their appetite or simply get bored with the same food, day in and day out. The aroma of wild salmon oil encourages a better appetite and renewed interest for food.

Healthy Environment: Wild Alaskan® Salmon Oil is sourced only from sustainable fishing practices in Alaska, as governed by Federal and State regulatory bodies.


The Many Benefits of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil...

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  1. Helps relieve dry, itchy skin

  2. Promotes a healthy, lustrous coat

  3. Encourages a better appetite in senior pets

  4. Supports the immune system

  5. Provides natural antioxidants

  6. Helps improve joint mobility


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